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Capu by Diego0101 Capu by Diego0101
my attempt at drawing realistic furry objects...

Canvas: half of the ordinary white cardboard A4
Pencil: Mechanical pencil 0.7
Time: 5 days at least, cant remember
Model: Capuchino

--I'm trying to improve my drawing techniques, i'm totally amateur!!, that's why I would really appreciate feedback and comments, maybe some helping tips ..out there... Thanks--
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Devions Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013   Traditional Artist
I'm fully aware of the fact that Cameras usually kill most of the light that ever existed in a nice drawing. But according to me, I think you did an overall good job in this drawing. I do even like the face that you do as me and use a mechanical pencil to draw with, but as a suggestion, for the darker areas, use a coal pencil or a 8b pencil and not a mechanical one. The strength that those pencils give, gives so much more life to the drawing and sometime that is enough. It would give you a better shadow below the chin of the cat and more marked eyes and ears. May I ask what kind of technique you use to shade your drawing? =) Also, is this your very first attempt?

I'm very sorry if anything I said is taken as negative, I can assure you that it isn't my intentions.
Diego0101 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
Hi Rebecca, everything you said is positive!!!, thanks for the time you dedicated for writing i enjoyed reading...
Totally agree with you , darker tones should be done in the shadow of the chin, eyes, and overall in the face (its too bright).. well at the time i made this draw it was my first attempt at doing animals and the third serious drawing i made.. i only had mechanical pencil at that moment i think it was HB, i must say that i made the shading was made with my fingers!! i just liked to blend that way (now i try to blend with stumps or toilet paper, but just keep using fingers!! , im used to it), so i blend to make darker areas and then draw some strains of hair, then blend again, draw again and finally use a sharpened eraser to make the brighter hairs..

Thanks again for your comment and i like to talk about techniques and experiences so feel free to talk !! ... now i evolved a little bit.. for my most recent drawing i use from 4h to 8b pencil, it is DARKER!! definitively and i like it!!, but i learned that i prefer mechanical pencils over regular pencils of course i can draw with both, but mechanical pencils give a lot of precision..
Devions Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013   Traditional Artist
I'm glad you think so and no problem. I enjoy trying to help others.
I prefer mechanical pencil to ordinary pencil, because of both comfort and precision as you mention.
Ah, I must admit that it's a very good first attempt at drawing an animal. I tend to get bored with the fur and the amusement in drawing a cute animal wears off quite quickly then. I saw your other drawings that you had made, they are to very good. I especially like the one you made from the movie Black Swan(if I remember correctly). There you have the darker tones that I think you were looking for in this drawing as well.
And about the shading, I did too shade with my fingers before. But since our skin is fat, both from touching everything and in itself, so fingers will give a fatter smudge more than an even shading most time, which can make it hard to erase and make clean white lines over a shaded area. I've learnt to shade with the pencil itself, just by shaking it back and forward, easily over the preferred area. Though, I've also learnt that shading with these… gives off a stronger shadow, and it gives almost a coal look to it by itself. Really good in a drawing that have a lot of darker pieces, but maybe not that preferred in drawings with a lot of fur... Haven't tried that though.

Here is a drawing that I think I shaded with my fingers, as you can see, it has very many fingerprints and it's more uneven and smudged instead of soft and even.…
Here is a drawing that I shaded with the usual mechanical pencil… . And the one on Milla Jovovich are drawn with an ordinary pencil and shaded with one as well.

Mechanical pencils tend to give a softer and easier shading, at the same time as you get strong outlines were desired. Fingers can many times shade even were you did not wish for it. But I admit, it took time for me to stop using my fingers to shade with... I liked it for some reason, thought it made stronger shades, which is true... But none were even or in the real place that I desired them to be.
Diego0101 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
yes, fingers are the easy way, but its somehow difficult to stop using them, i think with time you get to be more professional, i just bought those paper stumps and they are great but i will try to shade with the pencil itself like you did with the drawing of Loki, it just looks very good and the shaded areas are well defined... And with animals i watch your dog drawing and is very cool, you may get bored with the fur, but its worth it!!
Devions Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013   Traditional Artist
I must correct a mistake I wrote in the previous. I didn't shade only with a pencil in the most recent drawing of Tom Hiddleston(Loki), I used a brush to smudge out. That is my absolute favorite way to shade. I bought a quite expensive one, with squirrel hair(sounds macabre) and it's so soft and works perfectly. Easy to shade with and the shading gets so soft. But I think you have to be picky with the brush you buy, the softer it is, the softer the shading gets. Also, the cheap brushes that are made of plastic is too hard so they wouldn't be good.

But overall, that is my favorite way to shade and you should try is, the result is so much better than you can think in the beginning. I was skeptical at the beginning but changed my mind when I saw how soft it was. It also puts shade down in the texture of the paper, so it's great in many ways.
Diego0101 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
wow i really never thought in blending with a brush!!, i'll totally get a good one and give it a try, sounds good, really, as always thanks a lot for the tip...
Devions Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013   Traditional Artist
Great. I'll wait and see the result of your future attempt!
And no problem, I'm always happy to help!
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